Producing Profits


MANHATTAN, Kan. – Learning about sustainable farming practices is no longer limited to the classroom. At K-State’s Willow Lake Student Farm, students receive a hands-on education in growing sustainable produce.

Now in it’s third year, the Willow Lake Student Farm is located at the Forestry Research Farm near Tuttle Creek Dam. The horticulture, forestry and recreation resources department provided two acres adjacent to Willow Lake for the student farm. The department provides the students with access to their equipment and water resources. Continue reading “Producing Profits”

Manhattan-Ogden Confirm Construction Plans

MANHATTAN, Kan. –  After a lengthy discussion, the Manhattan-Ogden School Board voted Wednesday evening to select a Colorado firm as its construction manager at risk for the Manhattan High School West renovation project.

The board selected Adolfson and Peterson of Aurora, Colo., for the position of construction manager at risk above three other companies.  Continue reading “Manhattan-Ogden Confirm Construction Plans”

Burgerville University – Building more than Burgers

PORTLAND, Ore. – The choice to pursue higher education can be a very difficult decision for most. For those wanting to continue or pursue a degree after starting a family or career, the decision is even more difficult. The balance between juggling a career, supporting a family and not feeling like a burden to the others in our lives can be overwhelming.

Burgerville’s tuition reimbursement program aims to ease the burdens of continuing higher education by providing financial support to those wanting to pursue or finish their degree programs.  Beth Brewer, Chief of Transformation Learning and Development, looks for ways to provide access and opportunities for education and careers at Burgerville. Continue reading “Burgerville University – Building more than Burgers”