Producing Profits


MANHATTAN, Kan. – Learning about sustainable farming practices is no longer limited to the classroom. At K-State’s Willow Lake Student Farm, students receive a hands-on education in growing sustainable produce.

Now in it’s third year, the Willow Lake Student Farm is located at the Forestry Research Farm near Tuttle Creek Dam. The horticulture, forestry and recreation resources department provided two acres adjacent to Willow Lake for the student farm. The department provides the students with access to their equipment and water resources. Continue reading “Producing Profits”

Illuminating the Past

MANHATTAN, Kan. –  By examining illuminated drama manuscripts, one Kansas State University researcher was able to show valuable insight into social, gender and religious roles in medieval France.

Robert L. A. Clark, associate professor of French at K-State, with assistance from Pamela Sheingorn, professor of history at Baruch College, is researching illuminations in medieval drama manuscripts to obtain a unique view of medieval French culture. Illuminated manuscripts, which are small elaborate paintings along with script, tell a story, prayer or theatrical play. They were used in the homes of wealthy medieval Frenchmen.  Continue reading “Illuminating the Past”

The War on Biotechnology

MANHATTAN, Kan. – A Kansas State University expert in bovine health declared war on world hunger in his speech Tuesday night on the K-State campus.

Dan Upson, a K-State professor in veterinary medicine and expert in bovine health, said that livestock production and consumption is a key ingredient in the fight against global hunger. Continue reading “The War on Biotechnology”